Latex Foam Mattresses and Allergies

A Latex Foam Mattress – but is it safe? The low-down on latex

As a sleeping surface, it is widely accepted that a natural latex foam mattress has no equal. Sumptuous, soft, supple, supportive, the open cell structure of natural latex foam has a lively, responsive bounce and aeration because it is derived from living trees. Many trees in fact, need to be ‘tapped’ for rubber – in…


Give me some space! The trending secret of a great relationship.

There’s a growing trend in the UK that’s helping many couples to enjoy their waking and sleeping time together. It doesn’t involve expensive therapy, adjustments to behaviour, trying to understand your partner’s point of view or little blue pills. In fact, it’s such a simple solution it’s been surprisingly overlooked until recently. It’s all about…


Why your new mattress may be damaged before you’ve even slept on it.

Why your new mattress may be damaged before you’ve even slept on it

Before you rush online to buy a well-marketed ‘bed in a box’, we investigate some of the things the new mattress e-tailers don’t really want you to know. If you care about your wallet, your health and the environment, read on. The recent surge of online mattress sellers is changing the way we buy a…


When is a new mattress not a new mattress?

Online Mattress Retailers. When is a New Mattress NOT a New Mattress?

Every industry has its rogues. The mattress industry is no exception. This article is to help you make the correct mattress-buying decision for your health, your wallet and the environment, as we expose the practices of less than ethical ‘bed-in-a-box’ providers when it comes to dealing with returns. 100 night trials – what happens to…


6 Ways to Beat the ‘Clocks-Go-Back’ Blues

Autumn is upon us. Nights are getting darker, the air has more of a bite to it and it’s time to dig out the winter wardrobe in preparation for frostier days. The clocks also go back next Sunday, making the evenings draw in even more. Whilst there’s Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to look forward…


How to Become a Morning Person

Every person’s natural waking rhythm is different. Some people spring out of bed in the morning, automatically more refreshed and raring to go, whereas others feel their energy levels start to rise as the day goes on. For many of us, the mornings are a blurry struggle. We feel groggy and irritable, and this can…


7 Easy Changes You Can Make to Instantly Improve Your Sleep Quality

Most people suffer from the occasional sleepless night, and successful snoozing can become all the more difficult during stressful periods. A survey by Crampex found that 86% of people suffer from disturbed sleep, and in England alone, 10 million sleeping pill prescriptions are written every year. However, there are several simple changes that you can…


From Plantation to Plant: The Life Story of a Sleepbear Mattress

Here at Sleepbear, we’re on a mission to create the world’s greatest sleep experience, whilst instigating a global change in the way people purchase and consume mattresses. Many mattresses are churned out on a grand scale, some lasting only a few years before proving unfit for purpose and ending up in landfill. Many mattresses are…


Sleep Science: How Is Your Diet Affecting Your Sleep Pattern?

Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep? Once you do drift off, how is the quality of your slumber? If you’ve ever struggled with a disturbed sleeping pattern, or experienced insomnia like 1/3 of the UK population, you’ll know the impact it can have on work, play and everything in between. As our understanding…