Latex Foam Mattresses and Allergies

A Latex Foam Mattress – but is it safe? The low-down on latex

As a sleeping surface, it is widely accepted that a natural latex foam mattress has no equal. Sumptuous, soft, supple, supportive, the open cell structure of natural latex foam has a lively, responsive bounce and aeration because it is derived from living trees. Many trees in fact, need to be ‘tapped’ for rubber – in…


Give me some space! The trending secret of a great relationship.

There’s a growing trend in the UK that’s helping many couples to enjoy their waking and sleeping time together. It doesn’t involve expensive therapy, adjustments to behaviour, trying to understand your partner’s point of view or little blue pills. In fact, it’s such a simple solution it’s been surprisingly overlooked until recently. It’s all about…


Why your new mattress may be damaged before you’ve even slept on it.

Why your new mattress may be damaged before you’ve even slept on it

Before you rush online to buy a well-marketed ‘bed in a box’, we investigate some of the things the new mattress e-tailers don’t really want you to know. If you care about your wallet, your health and the environment, read on. The recent surge of online mattress sellers is changing the way we buy a…


When is a new mattress not a new mattress?

Online Mattress Retailers. When is a New Mattress NOT a New Mattress?

Every industry has its rogues. The mattress industry is no exception. This article is to help you make the correct mattress-buying decision for your health, your wallet and the environment, as we expose the practices of less than ethical ‘bed-in-a-box’ providers when it comes to dealing with returns. 100 night trials – what happens to…