Benefits - the bear essentials

Sumptuous comfort with a helping hand from nature

We use natural latex in the Sleepbear mattress and pillow, because you simply can't improve on nature. Sleepbear’s innovative, made in Britain mattress design is like the very best sandwich. It’s a clever combination of five layers, working in perfect harmony. The latex top layer gives Sleepbear its cool feel, special bounce and cloud like comfort.

Not only that, Latex is naturally hypoallergenic thanks to it's proven, effective resistance to dust mites, mould & bacteria.

Temperature control

Without getting too nerdy, our luxurious top layer of natural latex has an open cell structure made up of millions of tiny interconnecting air bubbles, so air can circulate freely, making it more breathable than synthetic alternatives.  Natural latex provides exceptional moisture regulation and ventilation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Sleep on air with Polartex®

Sleepbear's Polartex® sleep surface fabric, is a revolutionary technology that provides extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort to compliment the natural latex beneath. Its 3-dimensional cross structure creates a ventilating layer of air within the fabric itself, see how it works:

Natural elasticity

Many memory foam mattresses can leave you stuck in a rut, literally. Not the Sleepbear.

Thanks to latex’s unequalled elasticity and our clever layering system, we have developed ‘the Sleepbear bounce'. This is a unique experience, derived from a deep and springy latex layer that sits on the adaptive memory foam beneath, so the Sleepbear bounces back every time – fast.

Superior finish

Every attention to detail has been made to develop an affordable luxury, state of the art mattress, offering comfort, support and sustainable quality that lasts and lasts.

Our five-layer mattress is topped with Polartex®, an ultra-premium soft knitted fabric which provides pressure relief and comfort. And that's not all, the 3-dimensional cross structure within the fabric itself means that it moves in perfect harmony with you and the sumptuous latex, so no more waking like a bear with a sore head.

Hibernate all night long with the Sleepbear mattress & pillows to start each day feeling rested and revitalised.  

Mattress + Pillow = Ultimate sleep

The Sleepbear mattress & pillow are the result of 18 months meticulous research & development and countless prototypes in different shapes, sizes and densities. The result is a sublimely comfortable and supportive mattress & pillow that work in perfect harmony together. When combined, the density and feel of the mattress & pillow work to provide optimal spine alignment and muscle relaxation for blissful and harmonious sleep.

The natural latex core in our pillow contains the perfect amount of bounce and support to give you that weightless, cloudlike feel. It’s hypoallergenic too, so it won’t gather dust mites like a traditional down or hollow fibre pillow – and we think that’s a good thing.

Perfect support

A sumptuous latex top and adaptive memory foam middle layer mould to your body, while the super dense base layer provides the foundation to fully support you while you sleep. The natural elasticity of the latex top layer provides optimal body support no matter what your sleeping position, so you wake feeling rested without those niggly aches and pains.

too soft


too hard

Healthy sleep

Our brain tells us to move during the night, which is essential for good circulation and healthy sleep. However, most traditional memory foam mattresses make it difficult to move without waking us because our body weight creates a sleep-hollow or rut, resulting in that 'stuck' feeling. At Sleepbear we've engineered-out this problem, thanks to the combination of our stretchy Lycra® knit and bouncy latex top layer. With Sleepbear, you’ll never feel stuck in a rut again. Bring on free movement and blissful sleep with uninterrupted rest.

We understand the importance of a healthy nights sleep. On average a person sleeps up to 8 hours a night, which over a lifetime is 219,000 hours or 9,125 days which equates to an impressive 25 years spent snoozing.