Our story

Proudly made in Oxfordshire & supporting Polar Bear conservation in the Arctic

Sleepbear luxury, natural latex mattresses are proudly made and designed in Britain. We are a family- owned business, with a love for nature and a passion for bringing you our customers, the very best, supportive night’s sleep at an affordable luxury price. Our mascot and absolute inspiration is the arctic polar bear, and each year we donate from the proceeds of Sleepbear mattresses to help conserve and protect their arctic habitat through our charity partner, Polar Bears International.

They say the best ideas are the simplest ones and they are born out of a need to make life better, more sublimely comfortable. That’s where Sleepbear comes in.  Sleepbear came out of our own disappointing experience of trying to buy a comfortable, supportive, quality mattress at a great price. Buying a mattress in a very public place is time consuming, just a little bit embarrassing and confusing. We wanted to cut out the middleman and make the experience beautifully simple, because we know you are busy. We want to offer you a super supportive, comfortable and more sustainable luxury mattress direct to your home and give you a money back guarantee, with a 100 night trial, because we are so confident you are going to fall in love with your sleep on a cloud, Sleepbear mattress.

After canvassing family and friends and finding that many people had bought a mattress that had disappointed or malfunctioned, after just a few months, we set out to research and design a new generation of supportive, breathable, latex and memory foam mattresses that would out perform the competition and offer you a consistent, comfortable night’s sleep for the entire life of the mattress.  We spent eighteen months researching the perfect mattress, and we are very excited about Sleepbear's innovative construction. Without giving away the secret of what really makes them so supportive, we can tell you that they are like the perfect sandwich – so more bounce and no sagging.

"As a family, we've travelled quite a bit and experienced every type of mattress in hotels and holiday homes from the good, the bad and the downright uncomfortable. This is all the inspiration we needed to develop a new type of mattress that would offer comfort, longevity and support each time you climb into bed after another busy day." comments James, Co Founder, Sleepbear.

Here at Sleepbear we are experts on the art of sleeping well. We can’t wait to revolutionise your quality of sleep and have you floating on your Sleepbear mattress – freeing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Our Sleepbear mattresses have been designed and lovingly constructed to support and contour all body shapes and sizes, and rigorously tested to simulate ten years of daily use.

What are you waiting for? With the Sleepbear, free 100-night trial, you can put our passion and expertise to the test now. We are confident you will wake up feeling rejuvenated, not to mention warm and fuzzy too, because you are helping our arctic, polar bear friends.  Oh, and one more thing, we make the perfect, breathable, hypoallergenic latex pillows too.

Call us or email us today – we can’t wait to introduce you our heavenly Made in Britain mattresses – it’s a bear necessity of life!

With Best Wishes for a better night’s sleep  - Sarah, Doug, Chris and James - Co-Founders Sleepbear