The CosySnow® Pillow


Experience the deluxe silky soft feel of an expensive down pillow – without the feathers. Our unique blend of Tencel and fluffy micro-fibres absorb excess humidity and are wonderfully supportive. Encased in a zipped Polartex® pillow defender for active probiotic allergen elimination, night after night. Available in two fill weights.

CosySnow® Cub – A lighter fill, ideal for children and petite women.
CosySnow® Regular – Excellent head and neck support for an exceptionally comfortable sleep.
  • Machine washable cover

  • Delivered in a reusable unbleached cotton drawstring bag

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Responsible and Sustainable

Our micro-fibres are cleverly recycled from around 22 plastic bottles and our Tencel fibres are sustainably extracted from eucalyptus wood pulp. CosySnow® pillows have passed strict tests to guarantee environmental quality, technical performance and durability, with the materials sourced ethically, without child labour. These measures are audited regularly in order to maintain the Eco-label award.

Prevention and elimination of respiratory allergens.

The Eco-Tencel filling is inherently non-allergenic, which means it contains nothing that can cause an allergic reaction. Due to the extremely close weave of the cotton cover, neither dead skin cells or dust mites can pass through it. After the cotton casings are sealed firmly at the edges, the whole pillow case is pre-shrunk and then undergoes a ‘calendaring’ process which flattens and seals the close weave completely, ensuring that it is impervious to dust-mites and dead skin flakes.

The Sleepbear Luxury Talalay Latex Foam Pillow

The pillow defender incorporates innovative temperature regulating technology and Purotex® a magical biotechnology in the form of probiotic flora that actively consume dust-mite allergens and destroy their micro-ecosystem of bacteria and mould spores. In clinical trials by the University of Ghent, it was found to reduce dust mite allergens by almost 89%. Purotex® also reduces allergens found in dog hair and dander by 66.7% and effectively reduces 92.8% of cat allergens. Machine washable (special instructions apply). Our Polartex® sleep surface textiles are rated OEKO-TEX 100 safe even for babies and eczema sufferers – the highest rating possible

CosySnow® pillows are machine washable and display excellent recovery, drying rapidly and continuing to provide deluxe comfort. They are 100% recyclable.

The cleanest, healthiest choice for you and your family. Invest in your luxuriously supportive Sleepbear pillows now.

Sleeping with the enemy?

10% of the weight of your ordinary two-year-old pillow is dead skin, dust mites and their droppings.

Dust mites in Pillow

100% of the weight of a two-year-old Sleepbear pillow is CosySnow® Eco Tencel™.


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