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Sleepbear combine a luxuriously comfortable mattress with scientific hygiene technology for the best restorative sleep possible.

The Sleep Council advise that it can take up to 30 nights for your body to properly adjust to a new mattress. We give you 40 nights to try your new Sleepbear at home, so you can be absolutely sure it’s the right mattress for you.

Your new mattress is made to order within 3 days, our couriers will then contact you to arrange delivery within 7 days.

You will receive a 4-hour window the day before delivery, narrowed down to a 2-hour window on the morning of delivery.

The 2-man team will then call you 30-minutes before they arrive to deliver your new mattress to your room of choice, unwrap and remove all packaging to be 100% recycled.

The Sleep Council recommend that you change your mattress every 7-years. The Sleepbear mattress has passed the most rigorous tests and remains comfortable, supportive and allergy eliminating for at least 10-years.


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The Sleepbear Mattress

Six luxurious and hygienic layers for your best restorative sleep. Ever. Guaranteed for 10 years.

Our top layer of Polartex® stretch knit fabric allows the mattress to conform to the natural contours of your body for maximum support and restorative sleep. It’s designed for eczema, rhinitis and asthma sufferers and those with cat and dog allergies (and of course, everyone who cares about sleep hygiene).

Super-anti-allergenic! 89% proven protection from dust mite allergens

Polartex incorporates Purotex® – an almost magical biotechnology in the form of probiotic flora that actively consume bed allergens such as dust mite droppings and dog and cat dander. It also reduces allergens found in dog hair and dander by 66.7% and effectively reduces 92.8% of cat allergens. An incredible performance in the struggle to sleep cleanly!

Dry nights

Polartex’s® 3D knitted Cairfull® airflow technology wicks away body moisture by encouraging evaporation, creating a barrier between your skin and the mattress below. This keeps you cool at night.

Incorporating these revolutionary Cairfull® and Purotex® technologies means our Polartex® fabric destroys the harmful highly allergenic micro-ecosystem of fungal spores, bacteria, dead skin flakes and dust mites which can only exist in damp humid conditions.

Chemical free

Breathe easy. Polartex is the layer closest to your respiratory system and skin. The unique construction of the cover means it will not burn, so no chemical fire retardant is added. A clean solution if you have allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Essential for sensitive skin

Polartex® is manufactured to the highest Cosmetic Standard – perfect for sensitive skins – and won’t trigger eczema flares or irritate dermatitis. Global accreditation OEKO-TEX 100. The highest textiles safety rating, even safe for babies.

Removable and washable

The Polartex® cover can be unzipped and washed and still retain its active anti-allergenic properties with the right care.

The thin yet highly breathable layer that protects and isolates the core mattress components from exposure during washing of the Polartex® top layer.

Sleep as nature intended

Natural latex foam is an expensive commodity that is often likened to sleeping on a cloud. It can’t be beaten as a luxurious natural sleeping material. As nature intended, there are no harmful chemicals or volatile compounds off-gassing into your bedroom – just a lovely ‘new bed’ smell.

Springy and bouncy, it provides deluxe levels of elasticity and responsiveness for all body shapes and sizes. Enjoy unequalled support during your sleeping hours.

Stay cool

Cool to the touch and highly breathable due to the open cell structure of millions of tiny air bubbles, we further perforate our natural latex foam to let air circulate freely. Which? Magazine 2018 awarded the Sleepbear mattress the highest 5 star rating for Breathability.

Naturally anti-allergenic

Natural latex foam is a repellent environment for dust-mites and is resistant to fungal mould growth.


Natural latex foam is an inherently resilient material that will last up to three times longer than conventional mattresses. During trials simulating 10 years of use, our mattress dipped by less than the thickness of a penny. Which? Magazine 2018 awarded Sleepbear the highest 5 star rating for Overall Durability.

Beware of synthetic latex alternatives. They are far less elastic, less durable and not as comfortable.

Working in harmony with the natural latex, our Beartex® high density foam layer is as supportive as memory foam, with none of the drawbacks. For example: memory foam is temperature sensitive. In cold weather memory foam becomes a brick, but in warm weather is too soft! Memory foam is also notorious for causing overheating and sweating at night.

Cool people sleep better

Beartex® is 47% cooler than memory foam. Essential for your sleep comfort and hygiene, Beartex® is another weapon in the fight against a damp and harmful allergenic environment.

Relieves pressure

Beartex® provides instant relief and comfort for your body’s pressure points without using your body heat. Beartex® is highly sensitive to pressure and weight, not temperature.

Super quality

Beartex® is on a par with the density of prestigious Tempur foam at 72kg/m3, yet does not retain heat, allowing your body to concentrate on restoring you to health while sleeping  – without distraction.

No roll together (unless you want to!)

Beartex® stays supportive whatever your sleeping position.

Our robust foundational 12cm dense foam base is extremely durable.


Because there are few things more annoying than a bed that slides around with the slightest movement during the night, we added a non-slip breathable base. The anti-slip base incorporates four handles for ease of turning when you need to rotate or move your Sleepbear.

Sleep on air with Polartex®

No sweat. No pressure. Great sleep.

Sleepbear’s Polartex® sleep surface fabric uses Cairfull®, a revolutionary technology that provides extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort to complement the natural latex beneath.

Cairfull’s 3-dimensional cross structure creates a ventilating layer of air within the fabric itself. This stimulates the air circulation under the body and the evaporation of the absorbed moisture. The air layer also disperses heat evenly over the entire sleeping surface. The bed remains dry, and sleep is not disrupted by temperature fluctuations.

The 3-dimensional air layer also reduces pressure and helps the Sleepbear mattress and pillow to support your body.

Polartex® also incorporates Purotex® – an almost magical biotechnology in the form of probiotic flora that actively consume bed allergens such as dust mite droppings and dog and cat dander.

Bringing the revolutionary Cairfull® and Purotex® technologies together allows our Polartex® fabric to destroy the harmful allergenic micro-ecosystem of fungal spores, bacteria and dust mites which can only exist in damp humid conditions.

The best restorative sleep possible

Forget firm, medium or soft – think supportive.

At Sleepbear we’ve spent years testing countless prototypes to come up with the perfect mattress for you.

We make the mattress for the most discerning ‘Goldilocks’ of sleepers – not too firm, not too soft. The Sleepbear mattress has been meticulously designed and engineered to offer that ‘just right’ feel, to provide the perfect amount of firm support with a sumptuous feel.

Choosing the right mattress that supports you while you sleep is essential to your comfort and wellbeing. So you’ll be pleased to know that with the clever combination of Sleepbear’s natural latex top layer, super-cool Beartex® foam middle and super dense support base layer, we have developed a brilliantly simple weight distribution formula that alleviates pressure points, creates support in all the right places and feels amazingly comfortable.

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