The Sleepbear Mattress Defender

From: £135

From: £135
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A mattress protector with a difference!

30cm deep, full encapsulation protection as recommended by Allergy UK

Polartex® protected. This 3D knitted covering protects your mattress and acts as a frontline of defence against the triggers of allergies associated with asthma, rhinitis and eczema, including allergies to dog and cat dander. It incorporates innovative temperature regulating technology for a damp-free sleep environment and Purotex® a magical biotechnology in the form of probiotic flora. These probiotics actively consume dust-mite allergens and destroy the micro-ecosystem of bacteria and mould spores. In clinical trials by the University of Ghent, Purotex® reduced dust mite allergens by almost 89%, reduced allergens found in dog dander by 66.7% and reduced 92.8% of cat allergens.

The special weave of the fabric creates an air layer that disperses body heat evenly over the entire sleeping surface. The bed remains dry, and sleep is not disrupted by temperature fluctuations.

Our Polartex® sleep surface fabric is also rated OEKO-TEX 100, free from harmful materials and safe enough for babies – the highest rating possible. It won’t exacerbate eczema symptoms, which are known to be worse at night.

Machine washable (special instructions are included in purchase).

The cleanest, healthiest choice for you and your family.

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