The SnuggleSnow® Duvet

From: £80

From: £80
Experience the deluxe silky soft feel of an expensive down duvet – without the feathers. SnuggleSnow® is extremely soft yet exceptionally open and breathable with the benefits of being an environmentally sustainable duvet choice.
Available in three TOG ratings: 4.5, 10.5 and 13.5.

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’, a unit of measurement that calculates the thermal insulation of covers and clothes.  It refers to the amount of air that the textile is capable of trapping as heat, and is not related to the weight.

The grades run from a cool 1.0 which is the lowest level of insulation, through to very warm 15 – perfect for a freezing cold room! All duvets are measured with a TOG number.

Before you decide the best TOG for your circumstances be aware that in order to sleep soundly, people need to lose at least 1% of their body temperature, mainly from their head, during the night. Sleep experts are agreed that to achieve this the optimal room temperature should be between 16-18°C or 61-64°F.

Too hot a room – particularly in the summer can make it difficult to fall asleep.

For summer use in the temperate area of the UK and Northern Europe, a TOG of between 2.5 and 7 will be perfect and ensure you sleep optimally. Or if your room ambience tends to warmness, something around 4.5 will be perfect for you.

In the spring and autumn months, especially if you share your bed with another, and are an average build and height, 10.5 is an excellent choice that could also work well for you in the winter and summer. A 10.5 TOG is a popular all-rounder.

If you live in more northern areas where the temperature regularly drops below freezing, or you are elderly and have trouble maintaining heat, or your house and bedroom are poorly insulated then consider a duvet with a TOG value of between 12.0 and 15.0.
Because of their smaller frame size, children under 10 years old should not sleep under TOG ratings higher than 10.5. A single duvet will trap more air around a child than a larger adult, meaning they will be kept warmer at a lower rating.

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Popular and hygienic, Tencel™ fibres are extremely fine and soft. They are sustainably extracted from eucalyptus wood pulp, and naturally absorb excess humidity, making for a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

For an open and breathable duvet that facilitates air circulation, Tencel™ is uniquely blended with a smaller proportion of micro-fibres, cleverly recycled from plastic bottles. The fill is called Eco Tencel™ and drapes beautifully.

Sleepbear SnuggleSnow® duvets have passed strict tests to guarantee environmental quality, technical performance and durability. All materials are sourced ethically, without child labour. These measures are audited regularly in order to obtain the Eco-label award.

SnuggleSnow® Duvets are machine washable and display excellent recovery, drying rapidly and continuing to provide deluxe comfort. They are 100% recyclable.

Our opulent duvet casing is 100% cotton and rated OEKO-TEX 100 safe even for babies and eczema sufferers – the highest rating possible.

The cleanest, healthiest choice for you and your family.
Invest in your luxurious Sleepbear SnuggleSnow® duvet now.

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