Sleepbear: How it's made

Sleepbear: How it’s made

Hand made in Britain

Our mattresses are hand made, from start to finish. This enables us to maintain the highest level of quality, from sewing the cover, to assembling and boxing each Sleepbear mattress.

Take a sneak peek into the innovative, hand-crafted world of our British factory!

Latex: sustainable & natural

We source our latex sap from sustainable Hevea rubber tree plantations, which is then processed into latex foam by the largest latex manufacturer in Europe.

The rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis, grows in many tropical areas and produces the latex sap. This sap is tapped to flow from the tree and is harvested for latex foam production.

Rubber tree plantations are managed carefully to ensure consistent growth of new trees. This is important because it takes around 6 years for a rubber tree to grow large enough to have its sap harvested, although each tree can live for up to 100 years.

The number of trees tapped for a king size Sleepbear mattress will over the course of 1 year remove up to 28 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The factory that produces the latex we use in Sleepbear, utilises 100% green energy and recycles 95% of the water they use.

The production process of latex

Our latex is produced using the Dunlop process. We use Dunlop latex because it’s denser than Talalay, making it firmer and more durable.

Step 1. Compressed air is whisked into the latex formula to create a fluffy mixture. These minuscule air bubbles are continuously mixed in, to give the latex it’s open cell structure and breathable qualities.

Step 2. The formula is poured into moulds, which have a series pins that create perforated holes in our mattress top layer. These pins ensure the latex is baked or vulcanized, all the way through.

Step 3. The latex is then passed through the washing station, where residual amounts of liquid latex are washed away. The latex foam is then dried by hot air and ready to use.

Step 4. The finished latex is then sent from Belgium, to our British factory where it’s made into Sleepbear mattresses and pillows!

What makes latex the best sleep surface?

We use natural latex in the Sleepbear mattress and pillow, the real deal. Be wary of other brands claiming the same, they're most probably using 100% synthetic alternatives, which are less elastic and not as comfortable.

Latex is a premium product and it doesn't come cheap. We've settled for nothing less than the best when designing the Sleepbear mattress and pillow.

Temperature control: It does not retain heat, like a traditional memory foam mattress or pillow does. Latex is cool to the touch and perforated for additional airflow. You'll stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Breathable: It has an open cell structure that's full of millions of tiny air bubbles, for the ultimate in breathabilty and moisture control.

Comfort: Latex offers high levels of elasticity & flexibility to adapt to all body shapes, to give support in all the right places. The more pressure you apply, the more it pushes back - it's basically like sleeping on a cloud.

Bounce: The high natural elasticity gives latex a unique feel like no other foam. It gives the mattress it's springy feel and special bounce. It responds fast which means that moving during the night is effortless.

Healthy: It's hypoallergenic making a hostile environment for dust mites to exist and is resistant to mould.

Durable: It's an incredibly resilient material that lasts up to 3x longer than a conventional mattress. We've tested our mattress and it only dipped by an average of 1.5mm (the thickness of a penny) after simulating 10 years of use.